Why Al-Schweitzer College?

➢ Over 1000 hours of in-class / hybrid lessons
➢ Experienced and knowledgeable instructors from U.S.A, Europe, Turkey…
➢ Over 20 standardized Mock Tests addressing specific requirements of target universities.
➢ Weekly and monthly subject-based tests.
➢ Specific lessons on exam–taking skills and time management.
➢ Exam stress management sessions with professible psychologists.
➢ The most updated course books used for international diploma programs.
➢ Consultancy sessions for selecting the best university depending on students’ scores and financial considerations.
➢ Intensive Academic and Medical English Program by Native Teachers.
➢ The most relaxing and stress for locations in Istanbul and Ankara.
➢ Safe and welcoming culture preparing for independent life in your target country/university.

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